Menu Plan Monday: 10/5 – 10/11

The following is our dinner menu (and breakfast and lunches, when I can remember to update them, that is) for the week beginning 10/5. Notes specific to this week’s menu are below.

L/O = indicates leftover from previous meal


BBQ pork sandwiches (made from leftover pork roast)
Sweet potato fries
Sweet slaw
L/O cranberry sauce

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, home fries, coffee/juice
Lunch: L/O spiced beef cornbread cobbler, hot dog (DD), applesauce, juice/seltzer/water
Snacks: Apples, graham crackers with peanut butter, juice/water

*Monday: (DH out for the evening – it’s Girls’ Night In!)

Macaroni and cheese
Steamed broccoli
Green salad
Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies (DH usually makes these; he bakes up one or two cookie sheets full at a time, and keeps the remaining dough in the fridge or freezer for another time)

Lunches: L/O bulky rolls w/ BBQ chicken breast, provolone cheese, L/O sweet slaw
Note to self: need to freeze leftover pork gravy from last week for pork sausage, biscuits & gravy in the future. Use it up!


Beef Stroganoff (made with L/O flank steak from Saturday night, )
Scalloped potatoes
Corn & edamame
Green salad
Meyer Lemon Olive Oil/Pistachio Ice Cream (homemade/improvised recipe)

Breakfast: Yogurt, cantaloupe, coffee, juice
Lunch: L/O BBQ pork, L/O sweet potato fries


Pepper chicken with hummus
Saffron rice pilaf with apricots and almonds


LO’s/Clean out the fridge night


Spinach and Matzoh Pie
Greek salad
Pita with hummus


Pepperoni pizza (homemade)

* – Indicates cost of entire dinner for family of three was $5 or less.

Total spent on groceries (food only): $133.60
48.70 – Hannafords (incl. bottle return and bag credits of $1.40)
84.90 – Trader Joe’s

I’m hoping in the future (as my recordkeeping improves) to include the cost per meal. I probably won’t break it down to a per serving amount (too difficult as we all eat such varied amounts).


Weekly Notes:

Since he was going to be in the Boston area on Monday, I had DH stock up on multiples of some of our favorite items (coffee beans, crackers, olive oil, juice, etc.) at Trader Joe’s. I didn’t need to buy any meat this week (trying to use up freezer stuff as our pork order will be in next week!). We bought milk, feta cheese, broccoli, red pepper, red onion, matzoh and pita bread. I’m hoping to bake bread on Monday, too, as it’s been awhile and the recent onset of fall weather has got me in the mood to do it again.

To keep our meat expenses down, we purchase our beef and pork from a local CSA once a year. We have a dozen chickens that *should* start laying eggs sometime this month (October); in the meantime, we get our eggs from a local organic farmer who splits the income 60/40 with the church where I work. We have a very large garden (with quite a bit of produce in the freezer) and are hoping to grow some things (lettuce, broccoli, spinach, etc.) year round in our greenhouse.

Our household consists of two adults and one young child.


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