Menu Plan Monday – 11/2 to 11/08

I’m a bit late in posting this week’s menu, as we have been away for several days, then stayed up WAY too late watching election results last night. Looking forward to getting to sleep early tonight!

L/O = indicates leftover from previous meal

Sunday – Tuesday: Staying with friends in NH to work on Senator Obama’s campaign. (We brought pulled pork for lunch on Saturday and pot roast for Sunday night, and I made homemade peppermint patties.)


Chili (brought home with us from our friends’ house) over egg noodles
Peppermint patty brownies (made with leftover peppermint patty filling)


L/O Pot roast and vegetables from the weekend


BLT Pizza


BBQ beef (from pot roast)

Total spent on groceries (food only): $468
Hannaford: $30 (can’t find the receipt, pretty sure it was less than this, though)
Little Ridge Farm: $438 (beef/smoked meats)


Weekly Notes:

Our beef order came in this week, along with our smoked meats from Little Ridge Farm. The basement freezer is now packed to the gills, and I’ve updated my inventory spreadsheet so I’ll know how much of what cuts we have on hand. All the meat is cryo-vac’d this year; apparently, there was some problem last year which resulted in our beef order being wrapped in freezer paper. It didn’t seem to cause any problems – the two chuck roasts (from last year’s order) that we took to our friends’ house this past weekend were terrific. (Edited to add: The bacon on our BLT pizza  was AWESOME!)

We’ll be picking up the turkey on Saturday.  Don’t know where I’m going to put a 25 lb. bird, though…

Our household consists of two adults and one young child.


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