Menu Plan Monday – 11/9 to 11/15

The following is our dinner menu for the week beginning 11/9.

L/O = indicates leftover from previous meal

Sunday (other than the salad, DH did all the cooking – lucky me!):

Beef stir-fry with onion and carrots
Pork (OK, it was really bacon) fried rice
Micro-greens salad (from garden)
Crepes Suzette

Breakfast: Toasted challah with butter and jam, grapefruit sections, yogurt, coffee and orange juice
Lunch: L/O BLT pizza (tomato/bacon pizza and lettuce/mayo topping refrigerated separately)


Shepherd’s Pie
Carrot and apple soup
Spinach, tomato and feta cheese salad

Breakfast: English muffins, clementines, coffee/milk and…the *first* egg laid by our chickens (split three ways).
Lunch: L/O fried rice
Snacks: Applesauce, chocolate malted milk (yes, I splurged on malted milk powder this week)

Tuesday (Veteran’s Day, so I have the day off to bake/cook):

Grilled Pork Chops with Saté Sauce
Cilantro coconut rice
Asian cucumber ribbon salad


High Roast Danish Viking-Smoked Sea Salt Chicken Stuffed with Bacon
Honey glazed carrots
Salad with greenhouse greens (mache, mustard greens, spinach, lettuce)


Chipotle chicken enchiladas
Refried beans
Lettuce/tomatoes/sour cream


White pizza


LO’s/Clean out the fridge night

Total spent on groceries (food only): $155.30
Shaws: $155.30


Weekly Notes:

I spent a ton of money at the grocery store this week, stocking up on flour, sugar, cranberries, butter, chocolate chips and more. I am getting started on my holiday cooking and baking, although it’s going to be quite difficult to find room in the basement freezer to store everything now that I have a 22-pound turkey in there until December 3 or 4. We’ll be having a large group of friends over for a post-Thanksgiving bash on the 6th.

For the upcoming week, I’m hoping to make Peppermint Bark (two sheets of melted choc. chips with layer of peppermint patty filling in between), gingerbread boys and girls (or at least make the dough), eggnog tea cookies and a batch or two of Foolproof Fudge. I’m also going to be making a double recipe of the Shepherd’s Pie, and Bourbon Chicken Liver Pâté (using the turkey liver).

We’re still getting greens, carrots and beets from our garden (under row covers), and the fall greenhouse vegetables are coming along nicely: mustard greens, escarole, spinach, carrots, beets, mache, celery and some broccoli. We’ve had a stretch of warm, wet weather recently, which has helped the garden veggies.


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