Menu Plan Monday – 12/21 to 12/27

The following is our dinner menu for the week beginning 12/21.

L/O = indicates leftover from previous meal

Sunday (First night of Hanukkah):

Noodle kugel
Sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts)


Pot roast
Kashe varnishkes


Smoked Salmon with Horesradish Cream
L/O Kugel

Wednesday (Christmas Eve – will be taking cookies to church to enjoy after the service):

Hearty Lentil and Ham Soup
Cheddar Biscuits

Lemon oil cookies with lemon glaze
Eggnog cookies with cream cheese glaze
Gingerbread cookies

Thursday (Christmas Day):

Fennel-Potato Soup with Smoked Salmon
Ham with Bourbon, Molasses and Peacn Glaze
Spinach with Lemon Olive Oil
Popovers (shhhhh….DH is getting a second popover pan, now we can bake a dozen all at once!)
Peppermint ice cream


L/O’s/Clean out the fridge night


Possibly Pizza Night…

Total spent on groceries (food only): TBA

Weekly Notes:

A new pizza place/convenience store opened in town on Saturday, and of course we had to go for Opening Day.  They had been rehabbing the old general store building at the center of town since May or June, and I have to say it was well worth the wait!  I just hope they can stay in business though the current economic downturn.  We will do our best to support them, although we’ve significantly cut back on our dining out in recent months.

Last week’s Beer and Onion Braised Beef Carbonnade was AWESOME.  You can see my comments on the recipe at the Epicurious website – I made a few minor changes, in addition to using beef instead of chicken. I plan to make this one again, doubled or tripled for the freezer.

The chickens continue to lay eggs, we’re getting about 3-5 per day.  The greenhouse greens are officially kaput – apparently, nothing grows when it’s in the single digits outside. 🙂


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